More than Bricks and Mortar

Care & Repair England has published a brochure which challenges decision makers to keep sight of the centrality of home in the current debates about health, social care and housing. More than bricks and mortar summarises the views of older people about their homes. It shows that suitably located, comfortable homes, well maintained and free from cold provides the foundation for older people to live active lives, being part of the community and involved with family and friends.

Senior women enjoying meal together at homeMore than bricks and mortar shows that older people’s homes are fundamental to their health, wellbeing and quality of life. For older people familiarity and memories are key but so too are location, suitable design, decency and warmth. Whilst most older people were happy with where they lived there were some concerns such as the cost of heating, repairs and maintenance and mobility difficulties.

Based on the views gathered from older people the brochure sets out an agenda for action including

  • independent, impartial advice on options
  • practical services and affordable warmth
  • better joining up of health, social care and housing
  • good planning and future proofing
  • greater involvement of older people in local planning and decision making
  • a spectrum of housing options from fast affordable repairs and adaptations to existing  housing to new housing designed with older people’s needs in mind

You can view the brochure here:  more_than_bricks_and_mortar_may_2013

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