Care & Repair England success in securing £1m for Silverlinks peer support project

Care and Repair England is delighted that its Silverlinks project has been chosen as one of ten projects to receive £1 million from the Big Lottery. This will provide four years funding to continue to deliver the project in Leeds and Bristol and set up similar projects in other areas across England.

Silverlinks provides support for older people when they’re facing tough decisions about their housing and care for future life. It connects older people who are facing a dilemma about their housing & care, maybe due to illness or after bereavement, with another older person who has been through a similar situation. Older volunteers are able to share the benefit of their own experience and help the older person to think through their options, providing information and support where needed.

Silverlinks also runs  ‘Pass it on’ workshops about housing & care in later life, where older people learn about their options & sources of advice and then pass this information on through friends, family and wider networks. Some older volunteers go out and talk to meetings of older people, such as dementia and carers support groups, about options and what their local Care & Repair services can offer.

The project has been developed with the support and input from the Housing Champion’s network who will be meeting next on 12 March 2014.

Read more about the project and the funding Silverlinks C&RE press release March 2014

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