Two recent reports focus on housing and ageing

Age UK has published its report on housing for later life which says unsuitable housing costs the NHS millions. It sets out a number of recommendations including…

  • All new mainstream and specialised housing should comply with higher accessibility standards to reflect the lifetime homes standard.
  • We should move to a position in which all older patients coming into contact with health care services are automatically offered an assessment of their home with an action plan to ensure it is safe for them.
  • The Government should work with local authorities to encourage the development of older people’s housing strategies which provide a range of different options including: smaller homes, flats, retirement villages, bungalows, shared ownership, private rented schemes, new forms of co-operative housing and co-housing.
  • Age UK ID201813 Housing Later Life Report – final

And ILC UK has published a Ready for Ageing manifesto which has been produced by eight organisations including Age UK, Anchor, Independent Age and Joseph Rowntree Foundation. On housing it says…

  • Action is necessary to increase the supply of housing, including retirement housing, to make it easier for older people to move to properties more suitable to their changing needs if they wish to
    do so.
  • All newly constructed homes should comply with ‘lifetime home design standards’ so that future generations of older people can live in them safely and comfortably for much longer.
  • Early installation of home aids and adaptations, like grab-rails, should be incentivised, for exampleby encouraging local authorities to lower the means-test threshold for accessing them, as they are a cost effective way of supporting older people to live independently at home.
  • R4AA_Maifesto_Report_22_08_2014


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