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Care & Repair England is developing a range of resources to help with local action. This includes housing information, ‘how to’ guides, training on housing options for older people and general advice on taking local action.

Ideas for local action on housing

Over the last few months Care & Repair England asked older people across the country what their home means to them. The brochure ‘More than Bricks and Mortar’ summarises what older people said and sets an agenda for decision makers in responding to their key messages about ‘home’.

More than bricks and mortar brochure final May 13

As a result Care & Repair England has drawn out a number of areas for action focused on giving people that little bit of help, providing care and support at home and offering a spectrum of housing.

You may have already taken some local action. This information sheet lists actions taken by local groups that you might find worth considering in your area. The aim is to raise the issues identified in the local area, ask what action is being taken and develop a plan. This might be about a local policy, strategy or practice or developing housing services.

Ideas for local housing action

Local housing action

Care & Repair England is keen to share what action local older people’s groups have taken in relation to housing.

To find out what some local groups have done look under the local action update at

Local housing action updated November 17



Do send us details of what action you are taking on housing

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