Care & Repair England keeps in touch with useful national resources that can aid local housing action

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Background research evidence and policy

Click here to access a list of useful research, evidence and policies for local action (July 2018)

Practical examples of local action on housing

The guides below offer practical ideas for local older people’s forums and groups who want to influence local housing policy, plans and actions.

Greater Manchester Older People’s Network:


Leeds Older People’s Forum:

Age UK London:

MRS Independent Living:

Elders Council of Newcastle:

Housing Voices – how Elders Council of Newcastle, working with Skimstone Arts and Northumbria University, have used theatre and film to engage people in later life conversations about their housing.

Wirral Older People’s Parliament

Wirral Older People’s Parliament outreach action to involve older people in Birkenhead and Wallasey concerning proposed waterfront re-development

Click here for examples of other work undertaken by the Older People’s Housing Champions Group.

Right To Manage Case Study a case study on how a group of older residents developed a right to manage company for a retirement scheme in the Wirral, North West  (May 2016)

Age Friendly Street Design A practical report on street design produced as a result of work with the Manchester Age Friendly Design Group (September 2016)

Guides for local action 

An overview of the planning system and potential opportunities to influence the homes and neighbourhoods being planned click here (November 2018)




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